Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sorry readers.

I can't blog right now. My chest hurts so bad.

My Thoughts on Love

Love is such a wonderful, strange, and beautiful thing. It winds like a road made of shoelaces, twisting and turning, and even looping over its self sometimes. But we love to travel it because it gives us a sense of being needed or wanted. We can screw up because we seem to lose all ability of reason. But if the person truly loves you back then you are just called "silly" and that is the end of it.
I am in love, I have fallen in love so many times, but always for the same person, and I fall harder and harder every time. But I am not sad or upset that this person can create this amazing feeling in my chest, in fact I am ecstatic that someone can have such an amazing effect on me. We are in love, simple as that.
We are so much in love that even a second spent hugging each other feels like the best thing in the world. Just listening to music and swaying with it in the foyer, our arms and bodies entangles so much, each trying to hold on the other just a little bit harder, that we end up tripping over each other and almost falling into the picture of a spider on the wall, laughing the entire time. Laying on the couch stealing sweet kisses while our parents aren’t looking, boldly looking into each others eyes trying to tell the other with out words how much each of us means to the other.

~Every time I am around him my chest hurts because it knows that the heart that used to be there is close~ -Gabby

~All the words in the dictionary can tell exactly how I feel about him~ -Gabby

These phrases popped into my head as I was sitting on a bench, on a dock, in the rain waiting for him to come and see me. My hair was plastered to my face dripping fat water droplets onto my phone, ditsorting the picure. I couldn’t move until these thoughts were put somewhere where I could find them again. I was stuck to my seat, the rain getting harder every second, but I didn’t even notice the cold or the wetness.
I only saw the screen of my phone and the words I was trying to write on it. I am so happy to remember these phrases because maybe if he reads this and knows that I was diligently and loyally waiting for him in the poring rain for over an hour, and all I could think about was him. Maybe he will start to see exactly how much I truly care for him.