Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why Am I Mad?

I am so freaking mad right now and there is no particular reason for this.
I am not mad at anyone in particular.
I just feel like killing something or tearing something into pieces and throwing them all over.
I am listening to that new Pink song about getting in a fight, and it is totally getting my blood boiling.
I am blasting the music out of my sound system in me room, my parents are probably going to come in here soon and yell at me to turn it down.
But I am not sure I will.
I feel awesome and powerful!
It is slightly scary, but I am not going to question it for now.
So if I don't post for a while it is because I punched either my computer or I punched something else important and got the computer taken away.
This probably wasn't written very well, and I apologize, but I just had to get this out there.
I said that would post everything no matter haw mushy or dark they got, well violent falls under that as well.