Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I love Christmas.
It is my favorite holiday.
Simply because of the cheer and togetherness it brings with it
Of course I don't hate the presents either,
But that is not the only reason I love that holiday.
I love it for many reasons.
One of the first reasons is that you receive as well as give gifts, so no one will feel guilty.
I like my birthdays, but you always walk away thinking that you should have given your guests something more in exchange for the amazing presents that they gave you.
Another thing that I love is that the mood of everyone get lifted.
I love snow, and the silence that it brings.
Have you ever just stood outside while it was snowing?
It sounds like there is a blanket over your ears, everything is quieter.
I love that, I also love the invigoration you feel when the chill air hits your lungs with a cold blast that makes you go, "OH!"
I also love the break you get from school when that time of year rolls around, but doesn't everyone love that?
I love icicles, thick ones you find hanging from the edge of your house, and porch railings, I love to find clear ones and either suck on them or have sword fight with them.
Snowball fights are always fun in the winter as well!
I love making the fort that is never tall enough when you finally start the fight.
I just love that whole time of year, the crunch of snow under my shoes, the smell of warm food baking slowly in the oven, the weekend movies curled up under tons of blankets, and even the feel of a warm fireplace, when available.
There are so many desirable things about winter and Christmas.
I forgot, I love Christmas carols, I absolutely love them. They bring warmth, cheer, and happy feelings with them no matter when they are played.

Getting Out

I love my college classes.
They are an excuse to get out of my house.
I hate being there
I feel presured to never stop working on something
I feel like relaxation time doesn't exist.
And if I need a brake I get yelled at, nagged, cornered, and told mean things to.
For some reason I don't think that that is right.
But one question is there that I want to pose.
How are you supposed to react to being cornered?
Am I supposed to just sit there?
No, I think that we have that animal-like intsinct to get that threat out of your face and fight back.
I don't know.
I know it isn't right to fight back with your parents and I try and deny that instinct as much as possible.
But wouldn't it be so much easier if everyone knew when to get out of someones face, and if everyone knew how much a person can take.
Then there would be no more accidental hurting of someone.

So I want to get out.
Get out of my house that is.
I want to leave.
I really wish I could
I would have moved out a week ago
If I could
I really hate the pressures that I have to go through.
I really wish I could just walk out that door
I have no money though
And no place to go
And I am to chicken for now.

I don't hate my parents, don't get me wrong
I just don't think that it is all that good that I still live here.
I can deal with them.
But not so much all day everyday.

Love, Again!

Love is such a hard thing.
It is hard to get.
Hard to keep.
Hard to find.
Hard to know if it is true.
Hard to feel.
Hard to know if you even have it.

I would like to think that I know that what I have is the best it can get.And it is definitly the best I have had in my life.But I believe that love for life is the love you are satisfied with and that you never want to try and find something better, because you truly don't think that there is anything better.That is the answer that I am trying to find right now.I know that I am the happiest I have ever been.But I do know that there may be something better out there.But I can't see what.So I have made my descion, I never want to try and find something better.Because I hanestly don't think that there is something like that.I love him.And I want to stay like that always.