Monday, September 29, 2008

My Explination

I am sitting typing in my college's library, so the usual frustrated sighs I make when I can't think of something to write are absent. I wanted to explain that weird and sort of uncalled for post last night. I was going to post something but I had, had a hard day and I was emotionally drained so instead of typing, thinking, and correcting all night.
I decided to be lazy and free write for about an hour last night. Now today I was able to go and see my Psychiatrist today. I feel so much better because all I did the entire session was talk about everything I could think of that I have or had problems with in current time or in the past.
I was so happy to get all of that off of my chest because then I was able to feel just a little bit better. I really like my Psychiatrist because no matter what I say he understands and says it is okay that I feel a certain way but we should probably find a more healthy way of helping me. So I am beginning to explore different ways that are much more healthy for me. I really do appreciate his help.
On that note I probably should stop here for now because, even though I am trying, I am still making those frustrated noises and I am getting weird stares. And I am also seeing that the keyboard I am using is really loud and I tend to type very "harshly". And so I bid you, dear reader(s) farewell for now.