Thursday, January 15, 2009

Book and Micro-blogging

I have been writing a book all this part of the new year. And I just got my internet back so I have been going crazy trying to catch up with everything I have missed.

My book is about an angel named David who comes to earth to help a woman find her cartain special 'someone'. I think that it will be really good once I finish it.

I am not going to post much about my book on here simply because of plagerism concerns.

I really missed blogging. I have just started micro-blogging on and (my user name is: helovesmedearly.)
Micro-blogging is really kind of fun! You post small messages(max. is about 140 letters) every couple of hours or so. But knowing me I have been posting almost every other minute. It is really kind of fun. But I really do prefer actual blogging here. It gives me so much more satisfaction, and I can say so much more in one posting.

I have found that Twitter is a much more simple type of blogging. It doesn't feel like social network. It hase some simple basic layouts and a few cool options. It looks like a mini version of blogging, the layout is the same. But for the most part it feels like typing an online mini-journal. You don't really realize that alot of people do read this and can read this.

While Plurk on the other hand is alot more like a myspace page type of layout. The concept is the same. But isnstead of all of the posts being stacked ontop of each other. They are layed out in a timeline type of form. It also seems like this site is a little slower that Twitter, it may be my computer but that is an observation I see never the less. It is also very socially oriented. You can choose the colors for the backround and even get customized ones. Plurk also has a system of reward for interactong with people and being active on the site. You get karma points for everything from how much you post to how many followers and friends you have.

All in all I think that micro-blogging is an interesting consept but will never measure up to real, full length blogging.