Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Love May Spout Even In Complete Heartbreak

After what seems like forever I have finally moved on from my ex-boyfriend.
I am not trying to say that I don't like him anymore, no!
I still like him, I just like him as a friend now.
My anger towards him has completely subsided.
I think I might care for someone else though.
I am not dating him now or any time in the near future, my heart won't let me just yet.
But in time, if I still feel the same, I may be with him one day.
He seems to understand me better than anyone else so far, he understand what he can't do and that I may hurt him.
But he doesn't seem to care, he only seems to care about being with me,
in any way possible.
Even if that means that I never date him.
That means more than anything to me.
He cares.
I need someone like that.
He also tells me when he notices something nice about me at random times.
That flatters me, I like it.
I like being told that my eyes are beautiful,
that my shape is amazing
that I have a beautiful body
that I am kind
and almost goddess like
I cry when I hear beautiful words like that directed at me.
I don't believe him at first, but the more he says it, and the more other people say it the more I believe it.
I am starting to believe that I may actually be beautiful.
This is an amazing feeling, it is hard to get me to feel this way, even after the conversation is over.
I always feel pretty when I am with someone who truly cares about me.
But I have never felt beautiful when I am by myself after a conversation has ended.
But I do now!
I feel like I should be wearing a white cotton dress for some reason..
Oh, well! I just am happy right now, stressed, but happy.
I had a comment on my "How Dare You Judge Me?" blog and it said that, "I don't judge you...the difference is you choose to show emotion...while i and many others keep bottled up. From my eyes you should be judging me. Have a great night" and this just caught me off guard.
I believe that we, as humans, judge.
Whether unconsciously or not, we judge, we label.
It only gets bad, though, when we let that effect how we treat people.
I don't let my judgement effect how I treat people, that is what I was trying to get at.
And telling me I should be judging you?
That is absurd and something I would never do!