Monday, January 19, 2009

A Sad Day

Why do all the worst things happen to the people who I love the most. A friend of mine just had a realative very close to him die. I was with him when he got the news. And seeing someone just break down like that really makes you upset. I was crying also and I didn't even know him. Then he started talking about all the things that his relative had lived through. It was so sad but so kind to hear. He really loved the relative of his. I am sorry for his loss.

I wish I could help his family in some way. I held him while he cried but I want to make his whole family smile and remember all the good memories. I want them to celebrate his life and not mourne his death. I think that a death should be remembered but not dwelled apon.

I send my regrets to the family but I also send my love and friendship. And help if ever needed. I also send the message of love and happiness, for without it we would all be lost.