Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You Dare To Judge Me?

People seem to think it wierd that I dress in almost all black and still have an upbeat additude most of the time.
I think that categorizing how people should act, based off of their clothes is ludacris!
I wear black.
So what?
I like the feeling of the darkness, and the things in it attract me.
That doesnt mean that I have to go around moaning my sorrows, or that I blog because I want pity.
I do things because I like to!
I strted this blog to vent my feelings, no matter what they were.
I am not here to be popular.
Yea, people reading my writings makes me happy.
But that is not the reason of my posts.
The reason I post is for ME and ME only!
Do not be conceted.
I like to wear black, and I am happy about that.
Get over it.
I am not a clone.
I am not another barbie, or just another emo or goth chick.
The only way to describe the way I am is my name.
I am Gabrielle!

I Want To Be Happy But That Seems To Be The Hardest Thing To Do Right Now

Right now there are many things I want.
But mostly I want to be happy.
But happiness seems to be the most evasive thing for me lately.
I feel like I am using someone to get over another.....but right now I just can't love someone, like
I love(d) him
I can fool around and try to drown him out
but he took a piece of me and kept it
And I keep remembering the feeling of what it felt like to have a whole heart.
Now it is just broken
just in pieces
Just there.It hurts
But all I need is time
I will not use this person, meaning I will not leave them after feel better.
But they must know that I am "using" them as a distraction so I don't cry night and day
I hope they understand and still care the way they do
but if they don't I'll understand
because I know I am an awful person
and really messed up right now.