Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where I'm From

I am from water,
I am from good food, and Italian aromas
I am from the red clay.
From cats and dogs
I am from the pages of a book,
From history and celebrity

I am from tomato sauce and spaghetti,
From tales long and old
I am from Godfather and Scarface,
From blankets and sewing
I am from a war and an attack,
A change and advancement,
As well as old things

I am from books,
Pages leafed so many times the edges fall off,
From so many stories I can tell you
I am from troubled times,
New age advances,
And a feeling of hopelessness

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Voices In My Head

Those voices in my head
That is what everyone calls them
I hate them
They tell me to do mean things
I will not listen to them
I will not
I will not give in
I can’t
The horrible things that they want me to do
I can’t stand it
And when I don’t listen
They torture me
They show me the things that I could do
I can't take those visions
They hurt me
I can’t hurt the ones that I love
I will not hurt the ones that I love

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Story Of A Teen Girl

I saw her.
She was looking down.
Her face was obscured by her jet black hair that was flapping in the wind, and the high collar of her red knitted sweater. She was looking down at her hands which were folded at her abdomen. Her thumb was making circles on her lower stomach. For an instant I was able to see her mouth. Her lips were formed into a soft, loving, but small smile. Then I knew. What I had just witnessed was motherly love at it’s earliest and most tender moment.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cool New Singer I Found!
This is the myspace page for The Leano, a british singer. His songs are amazing! I wrote up lyrics for his first song, Smile.

The Leano

Intro (talking):
This is dedicated,
To all the smiley people in the world.
So whatever age, creed, color
I want every single person to raise a smile
(faint laughing)
It’s simple
And it goes…

Verse 1:
Forget the screw face
Here’s a new face
Tie the corners of your lips to your ears with a shoe lace

Let me see the white or yellow of your teeth shine
Or work out for the mighty muscles on your cheek line
Stretching back the seam like you had a face lift
A golden opportunity
There’s no need to waste it
A chance
To ease the ties from your forehead
Even the stresses of the world
outside on your doorstep
Are prized surprise as your lips will rise
To make an eclipse
One between the dips of your eyes
The strangest surprise will occur in your neighbor
Vibe travels like illness in a shop
More addictive than any drug sold on the corner
Internationally supplied
Across all borders
What was set you to see
What was set to you new own
Is one in the same thing but the method is known

It goes

Push your cheeks back
Do what I do
Let your teeth shine
It’s good for you
For the vibe grow quicker in this room
And we’ll keep on smiling ‘till the love consumes

2,3, and

Verse 2:
Let the fabric of your face gain creases
Turn a frown upside down through the rumble of the speakers
I came
To bring a yoga lesson for your features
Cheeks grow taunt like the freshest of peaches
Let the windows of your soul stand ajar
Are a band-aid for the wounds and untreated scars
If you’re afraid
Listen close you are bound to laugh
‘Till “Ding!” between your lips a showbiz spark
The universal signal for survival
Rich or broke,
The light for the darkness
The prize for an eye is when life is a heart stress
Lips prize apart
Creating the sparkles
Let the worries of the world melt away
Bring the glory to the world in your personal way
Let it grow from the center of your soul
We’re one in the same
Please let it be known

It goes

Push your cheeks back
Do what I do
Let your teeth shine
It’s good for you
For the vibe grow quicker in this room
And we’ll keep on smiling ‘till the love consumes

It goes
It goes smile
It goes smile yes
It goes smile

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Pills, pills
So many pills
All colors
Like skittles
The wrong pills
Crying, worrying

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Other New Blog!

Hey everyone, please check out my other blog all about my photography! It is at

Monday, February 2, 2009


Well as I was writing that last blog there were these two girls sitting behind me at another computer, and I was typing away when all of the sudden one of them loudly states that some guy they were talking about was going to jail. Then the other one states just as loudly that she is going to add him as a friend on facebook. Now I think they just wanted everyone to know that they know him. I mean they wanted everyone in the room to hear. They were speaking almost as if they were talking to the ENTIRE room. It was really obnoxious.

Now I have no problems with talking about things like that in a public space. But that was simply disrespectful. And if anyone agrees with me or even reads this and disagrees. Please tell me your thoughts as to why you think this or that.


Lately I have been having a lot of stress directed towards me because of a debt that I have. I also have no job so it takes a really long time for me to earn anything.
My anxiety problems are acting up as well it is really hard for me not to freak out. And all of this is causing physical problems for me as well. It is really hard. I wish there was a way for me to get out of this. I haven't been able to do any writing lately because of my college classes. I have a computer class that seems pointless to me. I wish they had a test to see if you knew how to use a computer. Then if you got a certain score then you wouldn't have to take the class. Because I think that it is pointless and a waste of money to take that class if you know everything in it.
I have my psychiatrist appointment today and I am going to try and see if I can go and ask him a bunch of questions and see if I can get to a point where I don't need him anymore. Or I can at least get a better medication for my anxiety. I really don't know what I am going to do if I can't see my boyfriend.

I for got to mention. I am grounded. I think I will be for about a month. It is a long story, and one that I would rather not go into on a public site. But the gyste of it is that I am grounded and I can only see my boyfriend during classes. It really sucks because he can help me calm down and relax whenever I need to. I will try my best to make it through this time. But it is REALLY hard.