Monday, December 29, 2008

Some Lyrics I Wrote

And they said love
they said forever
they said now
and together

They said I will be
Never again do i want to hear such lies
the lies
they tell to me

And they said love
they said why not
they said alot
and i fought
for you

They will never know
that i saw right through them
right through their lies
right through there fakness

And they said lies
through their stained teeth
forever we will be
forever u and me
all lies

in my face
hitting me
hurting me
you said you didn't mean to
you didn't want to
you didn't know

i know
you know
we know
you meant to hurt me
because you didn't tell me
when it started going downhill
when you started to not feel the same
did you ever feel the same as me

I loved you so
i never would have let you go
exceptyou wanted to go
and if your happy
then i'll let you go

All i wanted was for you to be happy
with or with out me
i'll learn to live
i love you so
i never tried to let you go
but i need to now

I never wannnted to say
I don't need you today
but im glad
i can say
loved you
even if only for a day

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